The feminine is the image maker and masculine rules the mental logic.  These two parts of the brain working together create the 3.0 revolution.

–Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld

The #Missing James Franco 3.0 tag FIND THIS! invites the public into a project innovating a Web 3.0 collaborative process.  This multimedia project pioneers the transition out of the binary “LIKE” tyranny of WEB 2.0  social media.  It plays on the very ubiquity of the WEB 2.0 iconic figure, James Franco and the sheer quantity of his enormous social media network, by producing a quality greater than FACE VALUE to his image.

No other contemporary figure has managed to integrate the hierarchical system of old media and the frontier of new media to establish a pathway for the critic claiming the space of the Third in her philosophy reflected in Web 3.0.  This quatum leap is proacted in Real Time in the text, created over nine days of Berlinale 65 when James Franco was in Berlin for an extended stay to promote 3 films.

The invitation is extended to the public reader of this blog to join the Web 3.0 movement through the comments and contributed images.  Eventually the collective FIND THIS! imagery as a homo generator form of establishing heaven (hyperlink) on earth, through the hand tagging of posters, signs and products in your own neighborhood of the planet.  The intention is to instill an embodied understanding of the Web 3.0 revolution as collaborative and integrating the gender opposites.