FACE VALUE: Personification and Identity in a Post-Digital Age
John Lennon Art & Design Academy in Liverpool

Missing James Franco 3.0: Catalyzing the Third in Cyber/Urban Space
Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld
Photography/Text Exhibition
6 C-Prints 11 x 14 in.
Video of text readings with visual projections

James Franco emerged as the most identifiable personality of the post-digital age, largely through the movie star face that launched over 7 million fan-ships (Instagram followers). “Missing James Franco 3.0” is an image/text project incorporating multimedia: text, photography and a blog relaying a mythology through the face of the movie star. The project emerged out of a 500-page text. Missing James Franco 3.0: Nine Days at the Berlinale (Atropos 2016) is a quantum leap into Web 3.0 through the public/private critical engagement of the Web 2.0 icon and his extensive social network.

The traveling exhibition of these images is being launched with a dialectic through “FACE VALUE: Personification and Identity in a Post-Digital Age”. What better premiere venue than the John Lennon Art & Design Building in Liverpool? The local humor that was characteristic of the Beatles would appreciate the erasure of a globally recognizable face from the name, even as the action identifies with the boundary-smashing icon through post digital tagging of the street graffiti art in Berlin.

The project strips away the “face value” utilized by the iconic figure to transgress pre-digital borders between the creative disciplines of film literature, poetry, painting and performance as a post-digital quantum leap. Along the way, it identifies a 21st century icon of the Third as the marriage of opposites: image/text, cyberspace/urban space, gallery/street and public/private.

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld is a Kulturindustrie theorist based in New York and Berlin. Her two-decade journey as a critic and curator tracked a new modernist movement in over 500 reviews, articles and essays. Along the way, she created a dialectic applying the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to art criticism in a series of papers. This process culminated in the Saas-Fee laboratory of European Graduate School; as a Ph.D. candidate, she declared a Badiousian Event of the Third in her (R)evolution Series for Huffington Post Arts for her Master’s thesis (Hermeneutics of New Modernism, Atropos 2014). Her GESAMTKUNSTWERK (www.shivalisapaul.com) comprises her post-digital journey as New Media artist and critic tracking the 21st icon through her evolving consciousness. Her latest project is “Missing James Franco 3.0”, which combines this text with performance art, photography, blogging (www.missingjamesfranco.com) and Twitter (#missingjamesfranco).