ABOUT “Missing James Franco 3.0”










“Congratulations on your Franco missive!” — Dr. Laurence Rickels, Kulturindustrie Critic

“We know and love the strategic-spiritual insights of Lisa Streitfeld, but who the hell is James Franco?”    — Dr. Geert Lovink, Internet Critic.


The Missing James Franco 3.0 project is sourced in a philosophical text, “Missing James Franco 3.0: Nine Days at the Berlinale” scheduled for publication by Atropos Press in Janauary 2017 just prior to Berlinale 67.

Inspired by Giorgio Agamben’s essay “The Contemporary”, the text was proacted in Real Time as a Quantum Leap from WEB 2.0 to WEB 3.0 through the public recorded interactions between James Franco and his critic, Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld during the course of Berlinale 65.

James Franco’s presence in Berlin for an extended stay during the days of early February 2015 inspired the interaction which produced the text. The memoir was written simultaneously with Dr. Streitfeld’s dissertation: “Nietzsche, Salome and the Ages of Aquarius.” Her earlier text “Hermeneutics of New Modernism” provided the archeology of a new philosophy of Conversion arising out of the Shirmacher laboratory established in the Philosophy and Media Department of European Graduate School. As a critic for the Huffington Post obtaining her doctorate at EGS, Dr. Streitfeld publicly declared an EVENT in her dual role as participant/critical observer during a series of evening lectures at EGS in August 2014.

The Missnig James Franco 3.0 urban tagging project was conceived by Christine Lowe as a marketing strategy for the book. The project launched in September 2015 as a marriage of urban tagging to electronic tags utilized in blogging on the Internet. Yet the leap into WEB 3.0 realm was an ongoing experiment in Uncertainty as the project took an unexpected turn in 2016 with collaborations with commercial “sponsors” of MISSING JAMES FRANCO 3.0 postings. These participants resulted from a process of engagement with “Guest Posting” and became more and more collaborative through time.

The proof offered by the Dr Streitfeld Huffington Post Archive is a real-time Web 3.0 (R)evolution. This is how the practice of “Guest Posts” became a prototype for a new forum of collaboration between commerce and art.  The goal was the liberation from the art institution as well as the art market to forge a path of collaboration through the realm of 3.0 Uncertainty.  The experiment arose out of a series of three papers Dr. Streitfeld delivered on the Uncertainty Principle and Art from 2009-2012.