You had to surrender the little bit of ego you left expressed in Tel Aviv…

You believed you were coming to Israel to die…

A mornings recovery from Missing James Franco…

…via your intervention with some LOVE left on the beach.

The sheer velocity of the FRANCO VORTEX, as described by Carter, into…


…fertile realm of Persephone’s rise into a new archetype!

…symbolizing the lush passion of eros surrounding the heart in the Jaffa window near the gate.

The Jaffa Gate is where you made a tag marking the start of the trek to the Holy City…

Jaffa Gate in Jaffa as the entryway to Jerusalem

The physical trek took over a week…

…a mental and physical tightrope walk…

…across the tension of opposites in which you had to triumph over your addictions for the last time.

…Lilith, the first feminist, in the Woman’s Demonstration before the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.

Yet, the mental trek was 28 years, the length of a Saturn cycle, in which you evolved from novelist…to critic…to New Media artist…to curator…to Kulturindustrie theorist with the mission of transforming the 24/7 celebrity-obsessed culture…

…with the TRUTH of what it means to be the newly arising face of the femininem…

On the Jaffa Road existential questions abound.

…to discover whom you truly are!

The Breasts of the Mother on Jaffa Road The Breasts of the Mother on Jaffa Road

… through your tireless excavation of the ever-present icon of the hieros gamos past, present and future.

…the mark of the ancient icon, the hieros gamos.

You experienced an idyllic finality to the passage to the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem…

View of Jerusalem from the David Garden outside the Jaffa Gate.

And you tagged your approach…

The passage to the Jaffa Gate of Jerusalem.

…and that is how you met Zaki, who dismissed your “I am out of shekels”…

Zaki, the wise man outside the Jaffa Gate welcoming all travelers.

…to insist you eat from his table: “Americans don’t know how to receive.”
And so you entered the Holy City, ready to receive!
But first, the necessary sacrifice…

The Western Wall in Jerusalem.

To arrive at that height, you had to go through the Western Wall…

…where you placed YOUR LAST STICKER in the Wall…


…beside a wailing woman.

And so you did die in Jerusalem after all, leaving your old identity behind…

Here is a hint as to the timing of the Venus Resurrection in Aries!

…and a new identity yet formed!

Dr. Lisa Paul Streitfeld is a cultural critic and Kulturindustrie theorist seeking the iconography of the hieros gamos across the globe.

All images copyright Lisa Paul Streitfeld.


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