Michael Hardt has argued that “the positive content of communism, which corresponds to the abolition of private property, is the autonomous production of humanity – a new seeing, new hearing, a new thinking, a new loving”. The kind of reconstruction of subjectivity and of cognitive categories that post-capitalism will entail is an aesthetic project as much as something that can be delivered by any kind of parliamentary and statist agent alone. Hardt refers to Foucault’s discussion of Marx’s phrase “man produces man.”
The program that Foucault outlines in his gloss on this phrase is one that culture must recover if there is to be any hope of achieving the “social and psychic revolution of almost inconceivable magnitude” which popular culture once dream of…
–Mark Fisher, “A Social and Psychic Revolution of almost inconceivable magnitude: Popular Culture’s Interrupted Accelerationist Dreams” in e-flux Journal #46, June 2013.

An irresistable tag under the London Bridge…

…after the CARU Conference putting into practice your theory of the Third

…led me back to Oxford to TORCH, a talk by a new Facebook friend, Dr. Hugo Drochon of Cambridge University.

…after a meeting with the City Hall philosopher, who purchased a sticker to support the project!


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