The New Man is Greek!

Constatine P. below the Sanctuary of Eros and Aphrodite
The dawn of the New Man before the sun setting over Athens is from the town of Arta, Greece, site of an oracle more ancient than Delphi.


I have been seeking a definition of the New Man from the start of my journey as a novelist, poet, New Media Artist and critic.  It was filtered into a new form of writing, a text of interconnected stories in which Eros traveled through the chakras.  

The first title was “Eros You Burn Me” and the next was “Seven Stories”.  The very last story was about the Templar who led me into his gallery in the shape of the Templar Cross on the seventh floor of an industrial building in Hell’s Kitchen. It was this man that I not only experienced the hieros gamos but brought the icon into the art world through two exhibitions, the first was “Black Madonna” and the second was about the “Hieros Gamos”.

Numbers have been guides all along on this journey to the hieros gamos.  And it was the number Five (La Quinta) and Thirteen (13 Methonis) where I found Constantine, born and bred in Arta, the site of a Greek Oracle more ancient than Delphi.  

Five is the number for Venus, whose perfect orbit is the sacred geometry of the pentagram, and thirteen is the unlucky number sourced in the date that the Templars were banished across Europe, forcing the Templar Treasure into hiding.

There was a latent message in my meeting of Constantine, who was born and bred in a Greek oracle far more ancient than Delphi in which women were the prophets until their roles were usurped by men.  He is the only man I met on my journey who not only puts into practice but articulates the necessity of purification for channeling the source of spirit and acting in accordance with the motions and relationships of the heavenly bodies.  A musician, a bard and a natural healer, he is the ultimate Greek personification of the New Man of the 21st Century directly and consciously engaged with integrating the hieros gamos (sacred marriage) as a matter of course, due to his origins.




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