It doesn’t occur to you on the ferry to the island of Brač

…that you timed your arrival in SUPETAR…

6-supetar-sign<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-724"
…with your launch into SUPE(RS)TAR!

The doppelgänger kairos/chronos of the Vodanovica (Water News) illuminates the dual function of your tagging…<a

…showing and announcing as above/so below!


Supetar’s lively central square.

Your tourist brochure maps the loop of the life/death epic of Croatia’s renowned sculptor: “One Day With Ivan Rendić“.

The first stop is the Rendić family home marked by the hieros gamos as an early motif!

Ivan’s old age home is next, offering a surprise…

The door is tagged with the symbol from James Franco’s email concluding your text!

This symbol of UNCERTAINTY gives new meaning to the sacred marriage of image/text spiraling you into a new beginning

…from the 23 January 2016 birth of your infans solaris: MISSING JAMES FRANCO 3.0: Nine Days at Berlinale 65!

Your next stop is the gustirnes that nourished the island, watering the physical body and social network, as a gathering place with a magnificent view.

Coming down the hill, you find an Art-I-Fact not marked on your map.

The Yod, or Finger of God, applifies the crucifix message of surrender.  

And behold, the symbol of the circle appears before you…

…in a natural tableau of life/death/rebirth.

This is a sign that you too will return to the origin of the journey…an ecological hygiene worthy of ROYALTY!

And yes, your circunambular guides you to a chapel with a curious marking…

…a plaque of a woman beseeching a Templar knight.

You make a 180 turn to be confronted with a curious statue of Ivan Rendić. She has a crown over her heart and her name is MIND.

You tag the statue on the solar plexus, the EROS CONSCIOUSNESS integrating Aquarius (mind) and Leo (heart).

Could this be the message you have been seeking? Is “MIND” an Aquarian with a noble HEART coded with the mystery of the Templar Treasure?

The sun is now low in the sky. The final stretch of your journey takes you around the beach to Ivan Rendić’s final resting place.

FOUND between the relief of the spectacled jokester and a heart made of MUMS.

Indeed, you have been MUM about the secret inscribed in your heart, a burden that nearly killed you. And so, you made your mission of endurance into an erotic game of a treasure hunt. MISSING JAMES FRANCO is your honorary rhythmic gynnastics guide for your ability to hold the tension of the opposites in the most challenging environments!

Lording over the cemetary is a masoleum full of Templar symbols.  

Angels carry offerings on its tower above while the round cistern below has a perfectly square mouth held up by four cherubs holding the horns of four rams.

This object provides comfort, a shelter, as FOUR is the number of order and stability, a calm conclusion to the incessent chaos of the THREE.

Peering into its open half, you are flung into dark energy!

…landing in your own reflection!

You surrender into the setting sun and contemplate your authentic self — free at last of external projection!

You contemplate on your return to the port on what MISSING JAMES FRANCO was really about — becoming free of the celebrity projection so you might uncover your own cele-brity in accordance with the heavenly motions.

And then you have your reward, the external projection of your internal Philosopher’s Stone in the upward triangular phenomenology prompting your journey to disclose the hieros gamos in western philosophy.

The Philosopher’s Stone

How the pink limestone blends with the sky
Heaven and Earth are one
And the end, you know has come
To begin again as ONE!

Dr. Streitfeld is a Kulturindustrie theorist and Web 3.0 Philosopher. Missing James Franco 3.0 is an interactive urban/web tagging project anticipating the real time cyber collaboration of Web 3.0.

Dr. Streitfeld will be presented”Excavating the Templar Treasure: Re/Searching the Hieros Gamos in Artistic & Critical Practice” on December 4, 2016 at the CARU Arts re Search Conference 2016 at Oxford Brooks University, Oxford:
“What does it mean to research art / to research through art?”

See invite: //www.facebook.com/events/692398780925705/ .event

#FIND THE TREASURE at #missingjamesfranco

All images copyright Lisa Paul Streitfeld


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