It doesn’t occur to you…

…on the ferry to Brac that you have timed your arrival in Supetar…

…with your launch into SUPE(RS)TAR!

Yet, once the realization hit of the synchronicity of the name with the synergy your kairos/chronos timing…4-supetar-historical-marker

…you had to make the tagging perform the dual function of both showing and announcing it!


The woman in the tourist office gave you a booklet with a map showing “One Day With Ivan Rendic”, Croatia’s most renowned sculptor.


















You can’t find Ivan Rendic Street in the central square with the elementary school…but you locate the first landmark, the Rendic family home… 


…where the sculptor created the symbol of the hieros gamos as an early motif!

The next stop on the circunambular was quite a surprise, because Ivan’s old age home…

...gives forth the symbol which ended your MISSING JAMES FRANCO 3.0 text!

What a grand entrance into UNCERTAINTY giving new meaning to your text’s ending, as the spiral of a new beginning…


…for where your infans solaris left off, the MISSING JAMES FRANCO 3.0 Project began!


The gustirne, or wells, nourished the island, both the body and the social network, as a gathering place with a magnificent view.

Coming down the hill, you find an altar inside a cubbyhole.11-yod-supe




























 Yet, the grid structure of the Yod holds more interest for you than the Christ figure inside.

The Yod, or Finger of God, is about surrender.  And behold, a symbol appears before you…


…in a natural tableau of life/death/rebirth in wnich the sun expands its vibrations while half in shadow beside life (red frame) in the potted plants beside a long rod with a ring symbolizing the cycle.  

This is a sign that you too will return to the origin of the journey…an ecological hygience worthy of ROYALTY!

At the bottom of the hill is a chapel with a curious marking…

14-templar-church ...a plaque a Knight carrying a Templar shield and a female figure knelt before him.

Does this mean that the TRUTH about the TREASURE must come into the light?

You have the sign of cosmic timing with the YOD triggered by an eclipse, indicating the culmination of your 3.0 journey?

You make a 180 turn to be confronted with a curious statue of Ivan Rendic..

15-mind You read on a plaque that the sculpture is called MIND.  

Your photo captures this pensive woman with your tagging on her solar plexus, before an abbreviated sign: RANT.

Could MIND be an Aquarian with a secret to reveal in the crown embedded in her heart ?

The sun is now low in the sky, so you walk to the final stretch of the circunambular around the beach and to the town cementary and the conclusion of your afternoon with Ivan.

Immediately upon entering, you are confronted with Ivan Redic’s grave.


You add your red polka dot journal to the tableau and realize how accurated the tag is…as you feel that you have suddenly been FOUND between the spectacled jokester and a heart made of MUMS.

Indeed, you have been MUM about the secret you are carrying, the burden that nearly killed you.  Which is why you made it into a game for 17 long excruciating months, a Treasure Hunt, because no one honors that which they have not searched for…

Lording over the cemetary is a masoleum full of Templar symbols.  







Four is the number of stasis, of order and stability, an end to the incessent chaos of the THREE.

You walk up to the cistern…






There are angels carrying offerings in relief on its tower.

What interests you more is the cistern which has only half of its round copper cover over a deep hole.


…the round rain container has a perfectly square mouth that seems to be held up by four angels holding the horns of four rams.  


…peering into its depths!



You sit and contemplate having  encountered your authentic self-reflection, free of Missing James Franco at last, surrendering into the setting sun.

And then you rise to face UNCERTAINTY.

Your reward is a discovery on your return to the port


A natural form in the upward triangular shape that began your journey to disclose the hieros gamos in western philosophy.

The Philosopher’s Stone

How the pink limestone blends with the sky

Heaven and Earth are one

And the end, you know has come

To begin again as ONE!



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