KAIROS…at last!

As always, you follow the signs where missingjamesfranco 3.0 instinctively guides — the tagable urban space reflecting synchronous timing:

As usual, the Greeks were ahead of us in thinking and speaking about such conundrums. Where we use one word to describe a whole range of things, they had the good sense to use different words to mark distinctions in reality and in experience. For example, they had three different words for the experience of love — eros for possessive love, philia for friendly love, and agape for sacrificial love. Not surprisingly, the Greeks had two words for marking the differences between the experiences of time — 


Your destination is the ancient city of Trogir, known as the “monument town”.

kairosclockcollTrogir: Chronos lords over St. John Square by way of the splendid sunburst clock, balanced by the occult sign of Kairos.


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