Missing James Franco 3.0 in the Split of 2 Cases

In SPLIT, you found yourself in “the land of coincidence”…

…which happens to be the hottest new tourist destination on the globe.







You took the night train from Zagreb, and it was love at first sight when you strolled into the UNESCO World Heritage city just after dawn and sat down for breakfast under the umbellas among the stretch of cafes in the harbour. Then you walked to your hostel, Wonderful, in the medieval Varoš district, which thinks like you do…

…in Thirds!

























Alex, a global traveler from Newcastle, and the sweetest guy on the planet, here with a stunning group of Aussie travelers and James Franco lovers, put you alone in a dorm room.

Wonderful lived up to its name. There you were confronted with a FACE to outrival James Franco, on Dominic, the Dalmatian owner. Wonderful was also quite the party scene…you decided to switch locations…

And that is how you encountered Barac, a very handsome Croatian, who led you to Top Centar, the best apartment in Croatia, not only because it is behind Jupiter’s Temple, or because it is inside the original stone mansion of a famous writer, but because it is a four-star accomodation…



















Your home in Split, just outside the old palace walls, is inside the mansion of a famous Croatian writer.

The tagging in Split is mostly on the rocks.

You applied the lesson from Zagreb about the authenticity of the object as ART-I-FACT, and a night in VERITAS with Eric, an American yachtsman…











Your seaside ritual to annoint the Split “found object” in VERITAS with your crimson nail polish.cannon










Turning cannons into EROS, with your petit objet d’arte. 

 You took time off your project to sun yourself on the rocks …ruinsbeach





..among the Roman ruins.

A naked Dionysian figure with sun bleached hair does a nude pantomine…just for you…pretending to be hestitant about entering the water, so his mast could swing in your direction…You pointed a place to enter without rocks on the bottom of the sea and when he came up to you, and told you his name, Zlato (Gold), you realize his ruse to get your attention was all too effective, so you told him you were leaving to take a walk. Once you got to the road, a car stopped, it was the insisting you get in. So you got in and he drove you to the next beach, in the “belly button” of Split Bay…



















..as Joss, the Bare Buddha of Split, told you.

Joss rescued you from Zlato and confirmed you instinct that the naked Pirapus was not the alchemical Gold you were seeking. Joss then told you what you suspected about Croatia, as a magical land of coincidences.

“But there are no coincidences in my life!” you told him.

He said there are 2 cases, one is the Real, or rather the “Parareal”, which guides you further on your journey, which Joss did by accompanying you home on the walk through the magical pine forest of . The other is the nut case, the distraction, which were forever attempting to distract you from your instincts…

The dog frolilcking on the Croatian beach was instictually drawn to your Art-I-fact because of the power you packed inside it.

You laughed together over the two cases, JOSS, the Naked Buddha who gives you insight into the Croatian and yourself; and Zlato, the Fool’s Gold, who regals women with his nude body to take them to the nude beach and his not so private temple for an impromptu “hieros games” ritual.

The night of your daytime encounter with the TWO CASES OF SPLIT, you have a dream about Cybele. In the morning, you set out on the magical trajectory through Marjan Park that Joss showed you in reverse from the beach…



















You did indeed locate the Temple of Diana, protector of naked Nymphs…

…appropriated by the Christians and transformed into a chapel.

















…enacted through a ritual with your petite objet a expressing your newfound power of the Hochzeit!


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