Missing James Franco 3.0 in Zagreb

You arrived in Zagreb with barely any money, no idea idea of where you would stay, and a mesothelioma lawsuit on your mind.

…And then you hear the sweetest voice…

“Can I have a sticker?” The request came from J, a Zagreb native who stopped his bicycle as you were making your first tag to reveal his passion for James Franco: “He does what he wants and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.”

You thought your love affair with Missing James Franco was over, because you had surrendered your GADGET LOVE in your departure from Berlin and had no means of recording your tagging…

In your first night of wandering through the City of Love, you kept the best images in your head.


The next day, in a state of GADGET LOVE mourning, you were reduced to pressing your face against the glass sending your into your own state of reflection.

Windows offering MS Office Tools to keep your Love always close to your heart drive.

The key to having a baby…

Getting the timing right…

..for the Great Leap!


And so you depart from Zagreb, the City of Love, spreading some Missing James Franco LOVE with profound new insights…

Tea Koritar & Viktorija Pralas, your hostess at the Dots Hostel prompting your resurrection in the City of Love.


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