Missing James Franco in Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships

To live in this world
You must be able to do three things…

The Museum of Broken Relationships lures you with an irresistable tag…

completed with an irresistable “found object” from the rain soaked cobblestone streets.

1. To love what is mortal

2. To hold it against your bones
knowing your own life depends on it.

The Museum of Broken Relationships lured however, with opportunities to do a Franco-style crossing of boundaries for the first time, between Missing James Franco and your reviews.

The museum is one of the most charming environments you have ever been in, combining a store with some wonderful objects to take home…

Salt for “rubbing into the wound” is also a purifcation ritual essential to letting go of a pattern of attachment.

a cozy cafe…

You lingered for hours over tea and a local honey liquor listening to music about heartbreak and reading literary texts about lost love.

….and four exhibition galleries with donated objects to complete the cycle of life/mourning/death resurrection. Here are some favorites that propelled you further on your journey back into the fertility cycle:

This spectacular “Red Dress” at the gallery entrance fills the space with erotic energy.

A “Rabbit Fur” gift accompanied by a poem revealing the fertility of romantic feelings was synchronous with your dream of a rabbit and discovery of a rabbit fur coat in Zagreb’s vintage market which begged you to take it home for comfort.

A literary gift recounting a romance with a female character more proactive than any New York writer could dream up reveals how love arising from mutual passion propels one into gotham heights.

The axe used to chop up a cheating partner’s furniture left in the apartment was returned to the owner in pieces. The gift was from a German.

The gift of “Four Discs” made you happy that you resolved your Office Tools issues to be able to share your own experience of getting from the quantum leap of the three to the stability of the four.

Free of Gadget Love, your Quest remains forever in the archives.

The museum began as a humble collecting project (like this one!). After recently redesigning the Zagreb gallery located in an old stately house, the local success has produced a multiplying fertility effect: The Museum of Broken Relationships Los Angeles .

3. And when the time comes,

The authenticity of the object is back!

Lisa Streitfeld is a Kulturindustrie philosopher out to prove Adorno wrong who is on a new adventure in the Balkans.

The Missing James Franco tagging project is a Web 3.0 prototype for collaboration between art and commerce.

Participate on Twitter: #MissingJamesFranco3.0

The quote of ‘three things” was written on the gallery wall and is from “in Backwater Woods Announce Primitive” by Mary Oliver.

All photos in this posting copyright Lisa Streitfeld.


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